Do you need specialist tree work?

If the trees in your garden are overgrowing it can be a potential risk to yours and surrounding property.

A.T Technical Tree Specialists provides a professional tree work service for cutting, pruning and felling the trees on your land.

Whether you need tree dismantling for huge trees with preservation orders or a local pruning service, we take on all jobs.

In addition, if you need firewood supplies, we sell the timber cut down as quality, seasoned firewood and supply kindling. We also provide a pest control service that can be combined with our tree work, so if you"ve got a wasps nest in your garden get in touch.

Finally, if you want rustic furniture made from high quality timber, or want to give us your old timber for converting into furniture, you can use our chainsaw milling service.

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What can A.T Technical Tree Specialists do for you?

  • Tree surgery, pruning and hedge cutting to keep your property tidy
  • Felling for trees that obstruct light, grow out of your property or pose a threat to nearby property and roads
  • Tree dismantling to safely fell big trees
  • We provide you with an inexpensive source of firewood and kindling
  • Chainsaw milling to recycle your wood into useful household appliances and furniture
  • Pest control for wasps, insects and vermin
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