Firewood Supplies

Do you have a real log burning fire?

For high quality firewood in Tamworth call us today.

If you want a source of ecologically friendly firewood there"s no need to look any further. All the wood felled by our tree surgeons is converted into fuel, which we can deliver to your home as firewood or kindling.

All our firewood is seasoned for at least 12 months to allow the moisture content to get below 20%, which is perfect for wood burning stoves. If you"re looking for good quality wood to burn, the seasoned wood we sell is superior to kiln dried wood in several ways. Firstly it"s less expensive and secondly it lasts for longer.

All of our wood is cut by hand, creating smaller logs that are a better size for fitting on top of your fire and that burn more easily.

In addition to firewood, we also provide a professional pest control service that covers all types of rodent and insects. If you"re having work done in your garden, and have a wasps nest that also needs treating, we will see to both jobs simultaneously.

Why use firewood from A.T Technical Tree Specialists?

  • Quality seasoned firewood
  • It"s delivered to your home
  • It"s recycled from waste wood we cut down in our tree surgeon work
  • It"s an inexpensive source of firewood
  • ¬£60 per cubic metre for firewood; we sell by volume instead of weight because weight is difficult to measure accurately, and the variance in quality between different ¬†woods mean a certain weight of one type of wood should be a different value to another
  • We supply different types of wood in one bundle, which is better for a stove because the wood of different trees have varying burning times
  • Our wood is hand cut

Do you have a pest problem? We offer the following:

  • Treatment of rats, mice, fleas, flies, bedbugs, cockroaches, moles, squirrels and wasps
  • Pest control treatments in the car so can treat your infestation while on site
  • Go up ladders and remove nests in areas that are difficult to access and that might be too high for the council to consider
  • Effective and safe treatments for all pests
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