Tree Surgery

It"s important for you to keep your trees regularly pruned

Not only are there legal issues involved with the trees in your property growing across other people"s boundaries, but trees can obstruct the light getting into your windows.

Get a qualified tree surgeon over to your garden today and have your trees looking tidy. Our tree work is ecologically friendly as we recycle all chopped down timber back into useful materials.

If your timber is good quality we can use our saw mill to convert it to timber that we then use to construct bespoke wooden furniture.

We"ll give you a generous discount for the work we do on your trees if the quality of your timber is good.

Why do you need a tree surgeon?

  1. A tree surgeon to safely cut down the trees in your home
  2. Pruning and cutting back branches growing into your neighbour"s garden
  3. Safe and professional tree felling with full public liability insurance
  4. Sectional felling and tree dismantling avoids damage to nearby property
  5. Our service is completely safe and all wood cut down is recycled, either as fuel or, for good quality timber, furniture


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To use a tree surgeon who recycles all timber that"s cut down call A.T Technical Tree Specialists on